Into My Grave

Amanda Starks
2 min readJun 14, 2024


A power you cannot take

Like the quick descent of death

you sweep into my tomb with new intention

eyes widening upon the dim sparkle

of burial gifts long since rusted

to time’s endless march.

Within my pale instruments I grasp

a sword with which I cut down

countless trespassers no different from you,

but here you find me suspended in blessed decay -

greedy fingers reaching for my tool of ruin and conquest.

Power trades hands easier than

whispers carried on eager lips,

but this power you cannot take,

even if I am no longer of this mortal realm.

You twist and pull at the blade — my flaking flesh,

my tired bones, but they shall not

give you what you desire.

My resolve is as permanent as death itself

and you have stumbled into it’s coffin.

In mere moments my eyes will open

from their long slumber,

to catch you in your moment of hubris.

Yet, even as you pull away

with the knowledge of your deceit,

you will still fall helplessly into my gaze

as I once fell into yours,

and into my grave.


This poem was inspired by Sleep Token’s incredible song “Like That”. I highly recommend them as they are my favorite band and write some truly deep and introspective lyrics.

Thanks for reading!! c:

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Amanda Starks

Amanda Starks is a mental health advocate & creative writer who loves diving into poetry and fantasy fiction. You can find her at