My Aurora

Amanda Starks
2 min readJun 13, 2024


A Love Poem; Inspired

Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

There must have been a shift in the world,

when the undisturbed plane between us

was first broken.

Words blossomed between us

like the soft rays of newborn starlight;

a gift from the fire on the horizon

that greeted us each turn into the equinox

and bid farewell on the solstice.

You were that gentle warmth

that awoke me from my long slumber

as you drifted — in aphelion to my reach,

a sparkling gem spinning into the abyss.

With that pull you dragged me from icy rest

to restless conflagration -

a change so esoteric that no one knew

to find shelter from the solar rain.

As I chased, you pulled, a dance we thought we knew well,

and yet…and yet…

the closer we drew together, the more we shapeshifted -

my corona to your poles, my sun spots to your craters;

endlessly we sent ourselves spiraling out of control

into an apocalypse of change and upheaval.

Then, in our closeness, I melted,

though we were still a million miles apart.

Across your surface my aurora now dances;

paintings so miraculous as to have a chance

to exist in this time and space

where your hallowed scars healed,

and mine were left to roil and screech -

claws of beautiful misery beyond your reach.



Amanda Starks

Amanda Starks is a mental health advocate & creative writer who loves diving into poetry and fantasy fiction. You can find her at