The Night You Kissed My Hand

Amanda Starks
2 min readJul 19, 2023


A pair of pale hands resting on a bed of pink and white flowers.
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It was a strange night

Knowing you laid so perfectly still

Within reach of my trembling hands

Producing wavering breath

That echoed off of the walls

And rustled the cool sheets

I remembered turning over

Watching you with curiosity

Completely perplexed

By the enigma that lay beside me

Why did you come?

Why did you stay?

Was it really by suggestion

Or by the whims of your heart

Or other organs of lesser persuasion?

Either way

I had been entranced

And as I lay there

You moved

Rolling over

Away from me

But with your fingers

You reached back

And gripped my hand in yours

And pulled it up to your lips

Where you placed the softest kiss

Upon my cold palm

And with such care

You pressed my fingertips

To your beating chest

And clutched them tight

As if you were afraid

That I would vanish

But at that moment

I felt such a stir

Within the cobwebs of my heart

That I latched onto the feeling

With poisonous grip

And forgot how to let go

Yet, in the end

That kiss was a moment

As fleeting as the beat

Of a hummingbird’s wings

And it was I

Who should save been afraid

Of letting you vanish

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